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Business process outsourcing is a necessary part of any organization to reduce costs and overheads and also to remove the hassles of maintaining an office, distributing salaries to employees and so on. We offer a big spectrum of back end office services like data entry, eCommerce SEO, data optimization, data conversion, data extraction, data cleansing and many more. Our prices are the best in the market and our quality is on a world class level. If this sounds familiar, and you are looking for a service provider that offers all these services, then look no further. When you hire our staff, it is just like an off-shore office whose complete control is in your hands and you can even adjust the timings to your needs.

Superior Quality data is a very important factor in the growth and operations of a company. If any data shared out of the company is insufficient, inconsistent, or incorrect, then the whole image of the company stands to be compromised, be it with their clients, providers or other people. We always provide fresh information in all our services and never jeopardize your image. We transform and merge different data, get rid of inaccuracies, standardize and parse values and clean corrupt data to produce orderly and dependable information.

Our data cleaning and scrubbing, data analysis and enrichment services help assist you in making a brand of your services. We make sure that all your databases, inventories, catalogs etc. are always up to date with the latest data and information. Our team of experts clean and get rid of all the inconsistency in your data. Each sentence is carefully written, analyzed and filtered, and incorrect grammar, prepositions, punctuations are corrected. Here are the data cleaning services that we offer.

What makes us different?


99.99% Accuracy

Our expert quality assurance team maintain mulit-level quality and quantities controls.


Data Security

Custom security solutions to help protect your data against internal and external threats.


Expert Data Entry Team

We are experts in data entry, data processing, data conversion. We have 09+ years experience in this data entry industry.

Data Cleansing Services:

  • Simple Cleaning
  • We verify accuracy of the data and correct spelling mistakes, typos, mislabeled information, incomplete or missing entries. Out dated and unused data is purged for easier operations.

  • Complex Cleaning
  • Data is verified by computer programs using a set of rules decided by us. Any misspelled words, out of date data, duplicate data is automatically purged.

    Data cleansing is necessary to maintain efficiency of data and is very important for businesses that rely on accurate data. Contacting clients using phone numbers, addresses store in databases or sending emails is only possible if the information is correct and updated. Data cleansing assures that correct and reliable data is available at all times in databases and all the databases are up to date. So contact Gtechwebindia today and give us a chance to serve you and help us make you more efficient and increase your business.

Our team

Our qualified teams of skilled data entry associates are dedicated to offer complete and accurate data entry work to our worldwide clients at the turnaround time. We could manage all your data entry requirements and can even advise you on how to keep costs low without commotion and 99.99% accuracy.

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Our Featured Customers

"I’m an Entrepreneur in a computer business and we have lots and lots of paperwork and data entry work in excel and word just like any Multinational Company. It’s really a big responsibility to protect customer’s data whether it’s names or street addresses and sometimes credit card information. We were looking for a company on which we can rely and Gtechwebindia provided the secure environment as expected."

Dean, Florida